The Texas Workskills Development in Libraries (TWDL) project was created to help Texas residents obtain information and learn better ways to look for a job as well as providing ways to improve their job skills. The project supports Texas library staff, management, and volunteers in gathering 21st Century job training resources that can be easily accessed and offered to all Texans. 

As part of this project, NTLP prepared and scheduled a series of more than 50 free workshops throughout North Texas to provide Texans with information about resume writing, interviewing strategies, job searching, and much more. Registration for these workshops was done through the local libraries offering the workshops.

The workshop schedule as well as additional information was housed at the TWDL web site.. Another highlight is the links to self-paced tutorials, lists of agencies offering free training by region, and much more. Created for Texas residents and library staff, the TWDL site allows all to access this valuable information 24/7.

The public library has always been known as a resource for providing quality information. Now, during these economically stressed times, libraries can provide workskills information that will help people become employed or improve their skills.

Texas Workskills Development in Libraries in FY 2010 and FY 2011 was a cooperative effort by the Big Country Library System, Houston Area Library System, North Texas Library Partners, Northeast Texas Library System, Texas Trans-Pecos Library System, and West Texas Library System. It was funded in those years by a grant from the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

NTLP hopes to find grant funding to continue the project into 2012 and beyond.  Eligiblilty to participate in future programs under this project will be limited to NTLP partner libraries.


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A resource created by librarians for librarians and all Texans