Favorite Topics

Libraries in a Tough Economy -
      How libraries can help patrons when times are tough.

21st Century Libraries
      Resources for libraries on the leading edge of a rapidly changing world.

eReaders in Libraries -
     NTLP's eReader Labs project and the related resources

      Resources for keeping up with the eBook scene.

      Resources to help libraries make sure they can serve everybody in their communty.

Forming a Nonprofit
      How to start a non-profit organization

Library Program Planning
      Resources for planning programs for your patrons.  


Consultant Reports
      Reports prepared by NTLP or commissioned by NTLP on topics of interest to our libraries.

Reading Lists
      Links to lists of award-winning books for your patrons.

Grant Information
      Resources for finding funding for your library's projects.

Sample Policies
       Sample policies that you can reference when preparing policies for your library.

OBE Information
      Information on Outcomes Based Evaluation and sample OBE forms

North Texas Resource Guide
      A guide to federal and state assistance information for librarians to use with their patrons.

      NTLP RFPs or RFQs will be posted here.

Other Resources
       Links to other resources on the web that may be of interest to our libraries.