NTLP has three Standing Committees whose members are appointed at the beginning of each fiscal year by the Board Chair subject to Board approval.  All committee members serve for a period of one year, but may be reappointed in subsequent years.  The Executive Director or his/her designee shall attend each Standing Committee meeting as a representative of the Corporation.

Partner Advisory Committee
The main responsibility of the Partner Advisory Committee is to determine the needs of partner libraries, and to formulate and submit plans and recommendations to the Board for achieving goals and meeting these needs.  It is composed of eleven members.   The committee meets at least quarterly.

Development Committee
The Development Committee is responsible for overseeing NTLP's fundraising and resource development plan.  It is chaired by the Vice-Chair of the Board and includes the Board Treasurer and another Board Member.  It meets as needed.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee oversees all financial matters of NTLP and is responsible for developing and reviewing the annual budget and fiscal procedures with staff and other Board members.  It is composed of two or three Board members and chaired by the Board Treasurer.  It meets quarterly.

Special (ad hoc) Committees
Other committees will be appointed as needed to carry out specific tasks.  Each of these committees automatically ceases to exist after completion of its task and presentation of its final report.



Minutes from previous committee meetings