Libraries are changing rapidly in the modern world in the face of changing technology, emerging publishing trends,local demographic shifts, and new ideas about library services.  NTLP has collected some resources to help you keep your library ahead of the curve.

Resources from NTLP

   eBooks - The basics for libraries that want to start offering ebooks to their patrons.

   Consultant Reports - including reports on Library Use of Ebooks, Long Range Planning, Technology Trends in Libraries, Libraries of the Future - Implications for North Texas Libraries.

   Executive Director's Column - Adam Wright's monthly column has articles about directions for libraries in the next decade and the public library's current identity crisis.

   Articles - 
      Computer Gaming in Libraries     
      Create a Social Software Policy for Your Library
      E-Government and Libraries Helpful Resources
      Ebooks in Libraries
      Graphic Novels – In a Library Near You!
      Green Libraries
      How Secure Is the Future for Libraries?
      Rethinking the Role of Libraries
      Revolution at the Reference Desk
      Successful Library Planning for Web 2.0
      Technology on the Move in NTRLS
      What Future for Public Libraries?

   Podcasts -
      Graphic Novels
      How Secure Is Your Library
      Accessible Website Design 
      Bringing New Technology into the Library
      Futuring in Libraries
      Adding Ebooks to Your Library's Collection
      Technology Trends in Libraries
      New Technology and Patron Security
      Libraries Going Green
      Rethinking the Reference Collection
      E-government and Libraries
      Multicultural Libraries
      Hosting Videogame Events in the Library
      Moving Forward with Technology
      Library Revolution

Videos - 
     The Library Road - Nigeria and Britain
     The Library Road - Czech Republic
     The Library Road - Jordan
     The Library Road - India
     Are Fines Necessary?

Other useful resources

   ALA's TechSource blog

   David Lee King's blog

   Librarian in Black

   Library Technology in Texas