This collection of material from NTLP's EReader Labs project is provided for your library to use.  The Microsoft Word documents can be customized with your library's name and the details of your event.  The PDFs can be used as examples to help you develop your own materials.

Promotional Material for EReader Events and Services

These flyers were created for the libraries that participated in NTLP's 2013 Impact Grant project, to promote eReader training events.  The Microsoft Word documents can be customized with the details of your library and your event.  In case the cost of printer ink is an issue, some examples are designed to use less ink.


You can use these materials to promote the availablilty of ebooks at your library.


These examples of promotional items created by some of the participating libraries may help you develop something that works for your library.

ereader programs flyers-tcpl.pdf
eReader Petting Zoo Flyer wpl.pdf

Images for use in promotional materials

These images are available for re-use for non-commercial purposes.



Surveys to Help Determine Community Interests and Needs

Some of the participating libraries created surveys to collect input regarding eReaders and other devices.  Here are their surveys along with the results. You may want to use similar questions when you develop your own survey tool.

eReader Survey March 2013 - The Colony.pdf

Pre-Event and Post-Event Surveys to Help Evaluate Your Event

These surveys were used to evaluate training events and one-on-one assistance at the libraries participating in NTLP's 2013 Impact Grant project. Modify the Word documents to fit your library's needs.


The trainers from UNTHSC designed these surveys to help plan and evaluate the 'Train the Trainers' workshops.  The first page (pre-survey) was sent to people when they registered for the training and was used by the trainers to guide them as they developed the curriculum. The second page (post-survey) was completed by attendees at the end of the event.


These are evaluation surveys developed by the participating libraries in the Impact Grant project for their ereader petting zoo events.  In addition to evaluating the event, they can also collect information about devices the patron owns or plans to buy.



Instructional / Informational Handouts

These are examples of materials developed by the libraries participating in the project.  

Jacksonville Public Library


The Colony Public Library

Downloading ebooks to your NOOK Color-tcpl.pdf
Kindle download and transfer via USB QUICK START-tcpl.pdf
Kindle download and transfer via USB-tcpl.pdf
KINDLE FIRE freading-tcpl.pdf
KINDLE Overdrive APP for ePub and Audiobooks-tcpl.pdf
Kindle Overdrive quick start-tcpl.pdf
KINDLE Overdrive step by step instruction-tcpl.pdf
iOS update info - The Colony.pdf

Whitewright Public Library


EReader Petting Zoo Information Sheets

These are examples of the device data sheets that were used during the NTLP eReader Petting Zoo.  They provide a placeholder on the table while the device is being handled, help keep the devices from getting mixed up, and offer some basic information about the device.  The second page of each sheet has basic operating instructions for common tasks.

Kindle Information Sheet
Nook Color Information Sheet
Nook Simple Touch with Glow Light Information Sheet

Materials from the 8-27-2013 final meeting of project participants

eReaderLabParticipants Final Mtg - Agenda.pdf
Chat Log
Recording of online meeting

Project Evaluation Results

These are the collected results of the pre-event and post-event surveys conducted by the participating libraries for their one-on-one and group trainings.

eReaderLabs PatronPre-EventSurvey Summary.pdf
eReaderLabs PatronPost-EventSurvey Summary.pdf

This is final feedback from the participating libraries about the impact of their libraries' participation in the grant project.

eReaderLabs LibraryParticipant Post-GrantSurvey Summary.pdf