January 2013

Carolyn Brewerby Carolyn Brewer, NTLP Executive Director

So……..another year bites the dust.  The year 2012 is now a memory and part of our history.  It has been a tough year for many people yet new blessings for others. With that said, I guess it was a typical year in that it was full of surprises and hard work.  NTLP is off and running with changes and growing opportunities for our library partners. 

One change everyone needs to be aware of is our new web address: http://nottypical.org.   NTLP staff feel this address is easier to remember and better represents the organization’s mission.  What will stay the same is our exceptionally strong website bursting with helpful information. 

NTLP has also purchased 50,000 sessions with ResumeMaker™ for our partner libraries to make available to their patrons.  This great resource is part of NTLP membership in 2013.  We have a part-time contract negotiator that is busily contacting new companies for new deals so be sure and check the website regularly.  Also, remember that to actually see the discounts, you must be a partner library and sign- in to our webpage.  The vendors request that NTLP discounts only be viewable to partnering libraries, the deals are that great!

Furthermore, January is starting out with several showcases and trainings around Texas.  NTLP is planning many trainings and educational opportunities this year to support all levels of library staff. Check the website for current offerings and registration.   If a library director is interested in scheduling a staff training event just for their personnel, please contact NTLP through email or text, as listed on the webpage.  NTLP presented at 17 different library staff training days in the last fiscal year.   

And finally, NTLP has two committees who are jointly working on the future of NTLP as far as resources and funding opportunities: Partner Advisory and Development.  The library fee structure is being re-evaluated for FY2014 and services are being rated based on their ROI (Return on Investment).  The members of these committees dedicate their time and energy to ensure that NTLP is a strong, creative, library leader organization.  If you are interested in serving on one of these committees, please let Carolyn Brewer, the Executive Director, know you are interested.  We are seeking four new Board members also.  For more information, talk with a current Board member, NTLP staff or your local library director.  Keep in mind that NTLP is a non-profit organization and we are looking for diverse, outgoing, future leaders to be part of our team. 

Time is flying by and our vision is strong, we need all of you to jump on board!

Carolyn Brewer

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