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(This announcement was originally posted by Carolyn Brewer to the NTLP-Directors email list on May 27, 2013.)

It is very bittersweet as I write this note for NTLP.  We are four days till final closing, turning in our keys and not coming to the office that I have now visited for nine years.  Thursday is final moving day and Friday is final employed day - we are now calling NTLP - Now Terminated Library Partners.  : (

The bitter part of all of this is apparent - we hate to leave the libraries.  You have all become friends and are exceptional libraries.  We have seen many friends come and go over the years.  It just seems so odd that this is our final week - I am not just going on vacation or leaving for another job - but that NTLP will cease having an office and I will not get up each day to train or consult with a library.  These nine years will always be very special in my mind.

But now it is time for the sweet - next chapter for all of us.  NTLP the non-profit will go dormant for a bit, but I have no doubt that libraries will unite and continue the strong work they do everyday.  Who knows what the future holds.  I am certainly someone that is forever optimistic and believe that next chapters can be exciting and full of promise.  

Please continue to watch the webpage as it will be up for a while.  There are definitely still pieces of the puzzle that need to be done and will be completed now by the amazing NTLP volunteers!  Thanks to Judy and dona who have been working very hard to get all of the equipment and loose ends tied up.  Our intern, Christy and our accountant, Sherrie, have spent the entire month of May working on TSLAC requirements and paperwork.  Thanks to Gwyneth and Alicia for continuing the work with Geodesity and its transfer to Amigos.  Sammie Simpson has been working each week to ensure that our libraries still have vendor discounts in place and has really increased the number of discounts.  Kudos to our fantastic Board of Directors and our committees that have struggled in making the tough decisions, but have been supportive and caring throughout the process.  And finally, thanks to Deborah Littrell and Beverley Shirley from TSLAC that have worked with NTLP in closing all of the details as smoothly as possible.  These two women have been supportive and have gone through many records at TSLAC to assist in the many requirements of the state and federal governments.  

So, while change can be scary and there really seems no good from closing the Texas systems and NTLP, we all will move forward and continue to support our libraries, be a part of our communities and are thankful that Texas libraries and their staff are visionaries and will continue to be leaders across the state.