About NTLP

NTLP is a private, member-driven non-profit corporation serving all types of libraries in Texas.  NTLP's goal is to improve communities in Texas by building strong community libraries.

NTLP had its origin in the non-profit organization administering the North Texas Regional Library System (NTRLS) operations grant from the Texas State Library and Archives Commision (TSLAC) using LSTA funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.  As the organization began to provide programs and services beyond the scope of NTRLS and funded from sources other than TSLAC, it began using the name North Texas Library Partners to distinguish the non-profit organization from the state-funded system.  The new name was formally adopted in 2011. 

In fiscal year 2012,  funding from TSLAC was at a much reduced level, and NTLP was partly funded from membership fees and fees for services. In fiscal year 2013 and beyond, NTLP's funding comes from membership fees, fees for services, grants, sponsorships, contracts, and donations. 

P.O. Box 35259
Fort Worth, Texas 76162

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