NTLP project-related websites

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Although NTLP projects are no longer funded, NTLP has arranged for certain of its project websites to continue to be available for the near future.  Note that the sites are no longer being updated, so information on them may no longer be current.

Where URLs have changed, the old URL will redirect to the new one for a limited time. Please update your links and bookmarks.


Conference / Special Interest Group Websites


EReader Training Resources


TWDL (Texas Workskills Development in Libraries)

  • Updated 3/21/2018 - The website for the TWDL project is no longer available.


Support Libraries

  • Updated 3/21/2018 - The SupportLibraries website is no longer available.  Contact Judy if you want a link to the original NTLP-produced videos.


Libraries for Literacy

  • The Libraries for Literacy website is no longer available.  Resources from the LIbraries for Literacy project can be found on the Libraries for Literacy project page on this website, http://www.nottypical.org/l4l

Final Update on NTLP Shutdown

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 Although NTLP now has no paid staff and has terminated all services except for seeing previously-made commitments through to completion, it continues to exist as a nonprofit entity with a governing Board of Directors.  The Board will meet in June to determine next steps for the nonprofit.
NTLP has completed its report to TSLAC regarding the history of the former NTRLS Cash Reserve, which was spent down on allowable expenses.  We wish to give special kudos to NTLP Office Intern Christina Johnson and Accountant Sherrie Caraway for their work in researching and helping to pull together this report.

For ongoing contact information, please see the ‘Contact Us’ page on the NTLP website for email addresses and phone numbers.  Note that mail should now be sent to a post office box instead of a physical address.

Geodesity EBook Lending Project to Continue under Amigos Library Services

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Geodesity, the NTLP project to develop a platform for library lending of ebooks, has been transferred to Amigos Library Services. Amigos is a membership-based nonprofit organization that provides services for libraries in a multi-state region. 

The Final Closure of NTLP

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(This announcement was originally posted by Carolyn Brewer to the NTLP-Directors email list on May 27, 2013.)

It is very bittersweet as I write this note for NTLP.  We are four days till final closing, turning in our keys and not coming to the office that I have now visited for nine years.  Thursday is final moving day and Friday is final employed day - we are now calling NTLP - Now Terminated Library Partners.  : (

Second Update on NTLP Closure Progress

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As announced previously, NTLP is in the process of closing down the office in Fort Worth and arranging for the termination or transfer of all responsibilities related to ongoing projects. As of today (April 30, 2013) NTLP will focus only on previously made commitments and completing paperwork and tasks related to closure. The office itself will be closed as of May 31, 2013.

Update on NTLP Closure Plans

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This document was sent to NTLP Partner Libraries on April 12, 2013 with more information about how NTLP's closing will be handled with respect to specific programs and services. Thank you for your patience as we work out the many details. 

NTLP Will Close on 4/30/2013

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(This is not an April Fool's joke.)  The following letter was sent on Friday, March 29 to the Directors of all NTLP Partner Libraries from Ken Haas, chair of the NTLP Board of Directors.  (See printable PDFs of the letter and the cover email.)


March 29, 2013

Dear Partner Libraries of NTLP,

NTLP advances libraries and the communities they serve by:

Facilitating collaborative library services

Advocating on behalf of libraries

Focusing on new opportunities for libraries

Advancing professionalism and high standards in library service

Supporting sustainable and transformational projects in libraries

NTLP - Not Typical Library Partners